Mandela Mantra

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. I will change the world with my Hope, Strength, Service, Unity, Peace and Wisdom."

How the pledge was established:

Nelson Mandela stated the first part of the pledge and it has become our mantra. We do believe that the most powerful and effective way to change the world is through education. Students and all members of the Mandela Team will commit to that each and every day. The foundations were determined after taking the colors of the logo, which came from the South African flag, and exploring values associated with those colors. Although purple is not part of the logo, it has become our key school color.

What do the Colors mean?


Happiness, Imagination, Hope, Optimism


Sincerity, Passion, Strength, Excitement


Generosity, Service

Mandela Mantra

Unity, Power, Integrity, Trust, Knowledge


Peace, Humility


Wisdom, Honor, Enlightenment, Nobility